grandpa's gold bond makes me feel numb

The streets of D-town are definitely safer now that this menace is behind bars. (I especially like how the police spokesperson says she "assumes" police had information that drug-related activity was taking place in the 93-year-old's house. Because we all know that the cops never raid the wrong house or anything.)


magical thinking

I recently got a travel award that I have to use in FY 2008 (which starts in a couple of weeks for me) and I'm wondering if I can get away with using it to go to this meeting...


bull city beer

I have posted a review of the first offering from Durham's own Triangle Brewing Company at Sudspundit.


meeting myself coming/going

Hey folks. Back at the mill for 3 days after a couple of weeks staying with L and K (thanks again guys!) for S and D's wedding (which was lovely). We also got to see T and P for the first time in...well, entirely too long. Oregon was beautiful (as usual) and somewhat beverage-centric (as always) and time seemed to stand still and fly by at the same time.

Now the happy couple is allegedly in New Zealand (though this is exactly where I would tell everyone I was if I just wanted to hole up in my house for a month and not be bothered), the guests are scattered once again to the four winds, and I leave town again on Thursday tomorrow (!) night, because my presence is required for bachelorific festivities in Austin, TX. But first I have to wade through the pile of data I left before I left the last time, write a pithy abstract that I thought was due at the end of the month but I recently found out is due, um, today, get started on a poster and talk (both to be presented next month, one of which I also just found out about), go shopping for 3-oz toiletries so I don't have to check a bag for a three-night trip (during which I probably won't sleep anyway), repair the p-trap in the kitchen sink that disintegrated this morning just as I was about to step out the door, and oh yes plan something for [m]'s birthday which is imminent.

Yeah, so what I am doing here?

(scampers off)