I think I'm going to shut the doors here. Keep the personal stuff on Facebook and put the cerebral discharge on Twitter. I so rarely have anything worth saying that can't be expressed in 140 characters or less these days. Thoughts?


thin line between heaven and here

10 minutes of some of the greatest lines from the best show ever on television. Audio not safe for work (depending on where you work, obviously.)


happy armisitice day

I mean no disrespect to our veterans (which include nearly every male in my family except me) by saying this, but...what Jim Henley said.


times' top films of the decade

I like this list because I've seen enough of it (well over half) to think that I mostly share their sensibilities, and that means I can take the rest of the list fairly seriously as suggestions for the Netflix queue.

Also, the decade is nearly over, and they've finally given it a name that I hope sticks: The Noughties.