No longer content to merely scoop the local MSM, Kevin Davis of Bull City Rising appears to have the scoop on the much-anticipated location of the Fullsteam Brewery before it's even been mentioned on Fullsteam's own webpage.

(It is mentioned somewhat obliquely on their Twitter feed that an official press release is coming on Monday.)

This is needless to say great news. What I have gotten to sample of the beers these guys are making is really impressive. And I can be at 726 Rigsbee in less than 10 minutes by bicycle.

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Sean said...

Wait...what? We're going to be where?

I need to catch up with Kevin so I know which building he's talking about.

I kid! We're really excited about the warehouse. It's encouraging to hear people mention that's within walking/biking distance.

One of the reasons it took us so long to find a site was because we wanted to find an industrial space that wasn't so much in an industrial area. 726 Rigsbee works well for this goal.