biblical literalism pisses off fundamentalists

At least it does when R. Crumb does it. His new illustrated version of the book of Genesis has some Christian groups upset over his graphic depictions of the rampant sex and violence (including incest and genocide) that made Genesis by far the most entertaining book in Sunday School.

Though, it should be said, not everyone of faith feels that way about it:

Other leading religious figures have been more supportive of the work. "I didn't think it was satire," said the Bishop of Croydon, the Rt Rev Nick Baines.

"He set out to say; 'this is important, fundamental myth' and it seems to me he's done a good job."

You can buy a copy for your kids this holiday season here.


chris said...

Sounds fairly accurate to my recollection. I definitely prefer the wrath God of the Old Testament to the wussified "God of love" in the NT. The Baptists are right in their belief that Revelations is the only read-worthy installment of the NT.

highnumber said...

Just checking in to see "where are they now?" since the Salty Ham Tears thread.


Brian said...

Wow highnumber... had to google "salty ham tears" to remember what you were talking about.