quick ones

--This is why you should care about the 2nd Amendment, even if you don't care about (or for) guns (and for the record, I neither particularly care about or for guns, myself.) If "shall not be infringed" means anything other than exactly that, then "Congress shall make no law", etc., don't mean a whole hell of a lot, either.

--This seems to be under the radar in the national media, but marijuana possession in the City of Seattle is now effectively decriminalized. (Hooray Seattle!)

--The only basketball league that will suck worse than the WNBA.


RW said...

Chicago is basically over-reacting to the murder rate amongst our younger people. The political acumen in our town as always sort of stopped at the A-Bomb To Kill A Fly level.

An all-white basketball league. The instant FAIL of this idea notwithstanding... what, "fundamentals" so no shot clock and scores of 33-28? Yeah that'll work.

Gino said...

why play basketball if you cant act like a thug and grab your crotch?