(in which i celebrate fleeting explicatives)

--This is fucking brilliant.

--This is fucking infuriating. Fuck these pathetic death-worshiping fascists sideways with a bacon-wrapped cock.

--This is just fucking gross. Seriously, can I have one freaking month without Palin family drama in the news? Forget the particulars of Palin's politics: it is beyond me how anyone--particularly anyone who claims to believe in "family values"--can see past the way this woman has crassly parlayed what by all rights ought to be private family matters (like the birth of a developmentally disabled child, a teenage pregnancy, and the on-again, off-again relationships that just about every young adult has at some point) into fodder for her ongoing political/moneymaking enterprise. Believe me, I want nothing more than to respect the private lives of the Palins. But they won't fucking let us.


RW said...

Too late. Sarah Palin is going to be President someday, and we'll get the government we deserve. I mean, since the best and the brightest eschew the political arena, we get what we get I suppose.

Brian said...

Well, if nothing else it will represent a major leap forward for that massively disenfranchised group: good-looking, middle class, evangelical white women. FINALLY they have a VOICE!

RW said...

Yes because presumably they haven't been anywhere close to the power in the entire history of the United states...

Gino said...

--(fleeting yawn)

-- that would be a waste of good bacon. cant we just smear them with estrus before throwing them to the pigs?

-- but arent you happy that a family is being reunited?

and i'd be happy if they brought the cranky old white guys back into power.

RW said...

Not me. Being one, I know we suck.

Brian said...

"- but arent you happy that a family is being reunited?"

In theory, sure, though I'm pretty agnostic about whether those two actually have a future together (and more to the point, I don't care.) What I was really referring to is that this sort of thing is playing out on the cover US Weekly.

I could totally respect Sarah Palin going all momma bear on anyone who says anything about her family *at all* if she didn't so regularly and nakedly trot them out as props.

The Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons all have/had young to youngish kids while in the White House, and I don't recall anything like this. If anything, they fought hard to keep them out of the public eye. Say what you will about any of them, I think they all made a good faith effort to do right by their kids in an environment where it is unimaginably hard to do so.

Palin seems to seek this shit out. And it's gross.