It occurs to me that Chelsea Clinton married her boyfriend of something like 10 years yesterday, and they already don't have half a dozen kids.

I'm sure this is because they practiced abstinence.


Gino said...

the most telling part of this statement is that thoughts of chelsea clinton occured to you.

you need help.

Brian said...

This post isn't about Chelsea Clinton. I think you know that.

Gino said...

of course.
they may have also practiced termination.

but what exactly is the point?

chris said...

We have a new challenger for "Worst Palin Joke Ever Award."

Brian said...

I'm sure I could do worse.

Look, if someone gets to command 5-figure speaking fees to talk about abstinence while she and her boyfriend rut their way across the grocery checkout magazine rack, ridiculing them is not just a right...it's a moral obligation.

Especially when the family in question is a perennial prop for a politician lots of people want to give the keys to the nuclear arsenal.

Brian said...

"they may have also practiced termination."

I suppose, but in my experience, abortion is pretty damn rare among educated, monogomous-but-not-married people in their 20's (as in, nearly everybody I have been friends with, gone to school with, and worked with at some point in the last decade or so.) Using birth control ain't exactly rocket science.