screw it, pass the popcorn

It's silly season in the USA.

Here's the thing...being a "former Satanist" or having "dabbled in witchcraft" was practically a cottage industry among professional Christians during the late 80's and early 90's. Satanism was what suburbanites were panicked about before black people started moving in. So having come out of that was the ultimate conversion street cred.

Sort of like Vanilla Ice claiming to be from the streets of Miami instead of the cul-de-sacs of Dallas.

All of which is to say that I'd bet a substantial sum that Ms. O'Donnell's claims of witchcraft are an exageration at a minimum, if not outright bullshit. And since she is running as the uber-conservative candidate, I for one look forward to her deciding whether she'd rather be a witch or a liar.


Gino said...

i saw this today.

my first reaction was to leave the room muttering 'just let it be over'.
i'm so tired of this crap, and its gatting harder to ignore. the three-way hysteria would be comical if i was in a better state of mind

i sooo dont care, but its everywhere. i've stopped watching the news. didnt turn any info press on all weekend, or the paper.

i've developed fascinating interest in Investigative Discovery channel, NFL network, painting a spare room, and beer.
nothing else in this world matters to me right now.
(besides my next cat.)

Gino said...
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Gino said...

and yeah, i remember the fear of satanism that went on during that time.
i probably may have become a christian sooner if it wasnt for that. but the silly people kinda scared me a way a bit longer.

a local high school, The Diablos, had a devil for a mascot for years. the thumpers waged a campaign to change it, and won. now its a bulldog.