post-mortem: no alarms and no surprises

--Obama becomes the third consecutive president to lose at least one house in a midterm. Declarations of historicity are overblown; the difference is one of degree, not type. I don't think this signifies much more than the American electorate (at least the ~20% or so that is perennially up for grabs) would prefer a more parliamentary system, even though they probably don't realize it.

--The one bright spot: the "Palin Model" of vague right-wing populism and a refusal to engage any non-Fox press failed miserably in Delaware, Nevada, and Alaska. I am cautiously optimistic that she has peaked.

--California remains a stolidly Democratic state that doesn't give a rat's ass about actual personal liberty. Disappointing, but not surprising.

--Washington State, despite being a high-tech hub, is really bad at math.

ADDENDUM: Seriously, though? Fuck the Baby Boomers.


Gino said...

the problem with CA is that law that you speak of got little to no funding, and was of little consequence in the fisrt place because the law is already lax in that regard.

even the Orange County Register, decidely libertarian, took a neutral position because it would not really change anything.

and the register is all about easing up on drug laws and shit like that, so whats that tell you?

Brian said...

What does that tell you?

Pot smokers are lazy and complacent. No surprise there.

I was rooting for 19 more for the effect it would have had on the Feds, and therefore, beyond California. I want to see the showdown. And I want to see the prohibitionists lies exposed for what they are.

(MJ's practically decriminalized in the City of Seattle, too, but no one makes a big deal out of it. According to one SPD officer I sort of know, you aren't going to be bothered about it unless you are being a major asshole. However, I suspect this might not be the case if you are nonwhite and/or in a poor neighborhood.)

Gino said...

i did end up going to the polls, and this prop was one of the reasons.

i wasnt fired up about it, but i was interested in seeing where it went from there.
and part of me was daring the administration to make good on their threats.

but what does concern me about legalizing weed, is how is 'driving under the influence' defined.

i want it to be (mostly) legal, but i dont want my kids to killed crossing the street because of that.