What exactly is Palinization?

As I define it, it is the culmination of many years of unfortunate decisions regarding child rearing -- ill-conceived self-image programs, rewarding mere participation, the alienization of punishment, and the emergence of political correctness.

It is the failure of the education system; the dumbing down of America.

It's the self-righteousness and vitriol of religious factions.

The loss of civility due, in-part, to an erosion of communication skills.

It's the lies of politicians and corporate executives. The slow decay of integrity and honesty.

it's unreality television.

And, it's an uninformed and ignorant electorate; partially the result of a deficient media.

To which I will add: It's the predictable consequence of voters and pundits choosing to support a politician primarily because of how much they appear to irritate the "other side".


Gino said...

you can also call it Obamanization.

Brian said...


I'm all for the "pox on both houses" school of thought, but you cannot seriously believe that Obama suffers from the same kind or magnitude of detachment from reality, persecution complex, inflated ego, celebration of ignorance, and unjustified sense of entitlement that Sarah Palin does. It isn't even close.

Seriously, you need to separate politics from personality, here.

Gino said...

i expected you to call 'bullshit' on me. :)

obama doesnt have the persecution complex. but when the media treats his everyword as if spoken from God, and listen in fawning in adoration at mere words from a teleprompter, when a english language speech before germans was considered a foreign policy credential(but meeting with foriegn trade delgations is not) why would he?

sarah's treatment from the press was often unfair, while obamas was often too idolatrous.

what you are calling 'celebration of ignorance' i see as a 'rejection of elitism', which elites often confuse as ignorance because elites are generally condecending of anything that is not like them.

in everything else... the slur fits.

and that is all that article really was, is a slur. much of what he blames palin-types for actually comes from the progressive thought process (that elites think is so cool), like the dumbing down of achievement, self esteem and trophies for everybody.

and that lack of education(hogwash) and stupid electorate he bemoans was created by the education establishment... that tilts heavily left and went goo goo gaga over obama, the same electorate is so stupid it elected obama.

sarah lost, remember? she's just a cult figure to some citizens, and an obseession to most of the media and beltway elites... who are supposed to be smarter than us, right?

and he's written a whole column blaming somebody (who is not to blame) who has no power or authority what so ever to set policy, who's books havent sold their first run of print, couldnt win an election in her own home state, or sway an election in any other, who's polling negatives are higher than her positives...

and yet, she's the source of ruin in a democratic society.

i did mention the elites were obsessed with her, didn't i? at least he's in good company,right there with the smart people.

Gino said...

dude, this a 3-pint convo.

now i'm in the mood to dive the 5 north this weekend.