paul's turn?

Every candidate gets a week, it would seem.

Mark my words: Gingrich is a bubble. He's an unlikeable blowhard on his third marriage. GOP primary voters will not support him. Especially in Iowa and New Hampshire, where they actually will have the chance to meet him.

Dave Weigel, who (I hope) is paid well to follow this stuff much more closely than anyone should have to, makes an interesting point about Ron Paul:

And doesn't the clown car collision style of the primary help out Paul? The reason for a libertarian or paleoconservative diehard -- or a gold bug -- to abandon Paul is that some other candidate with acceptable values stands a better chance of winning.
I remain skeptical. (I still think it will be Romney, by default.) But this silly season has been sillier than most.

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Gino said...

((in that ad, Paul speaks exactly to what i've been feeling since i was old enough to feel it.))

i'm hoping that maybe the neocons will someday punch themselves out of existence as a viable political force, allowing a limited govt approach to once again be seen as a viable option instead of just talking points to get elected with.

but thats not the way i'd place my bets.