my life as a republican: epilogue

It only occurred to me yesterday, while hearing a story about how sophisticated political campaigns have gotten in terms of identifying likely voters and targeting them specifically for mailers, emails, and phone calls, that I haven't gotten a single solicitation for my vote* by any of those means.

The email doesn't surprise me; I have spam filters for my spam filters.

However, I know for a fact that the King County Republicans have my name, address, and phone number, thanks to my participation in their pooled caucuses and in the 43rd Legislative District caucus. I know this not only because I had to give that information to them in order to participate, but also because I got about 30 (seriously) phone calls from the Ron Paul campaign up to and even during the 43rd's caucus. Voter records are public, and I have voted in every election since moving to Seattle (even local primaries).

If I'm not a "likely voter" I don't know who would be.

Other information they have about me: I live in a moderately affluent zip code, I'm in my 30s, and I'm male. I live in Seattle and have an English surname, so it's a reasonably safe bet that I'm white.

Of course, I also live in an LD whose candidates for the state house this cycle are a Democrat and a Socialist.

I'm not complaining, mind you. Not at all. But I do think it is funny, since they made such a big point of encouraging the young(er) Ron Paul delegates to continue to be engaged with party after the caucuses, and of saying that they wanted that influx of youth and enthusiasm, that they seem to have decided to forget that we exist.

*By which I mean I'm surprised no one has tried to get my vote for the governor's race, which is a dead heat. Romney and Ryan have only come to WA once each, and both times it was just for private fundraising events. They know where not to waste their time. 


RW said...

I've been wondering if the old guard in the GOP even wants the Ron Paul people around. I've got the same question about the Tea Party. Party "regulars" at the state and county level are not always known for their trust in power from the bottom up. Grass roots movements are usually a headache to them, and the ones I've ever known would be very happy if you guys and the Tea Party would just go away, because it threatens their position.

If Governor Romney wins the general I'm pretty convinced we get 4 years of him explaining nicely to both the Paul people and the TP why they can't have what they want, since he's the establishment candidate and not theirs.

If you want reactionaries go to the eastern part of your state. There's a shitload of trogs, pickles and bubbas out that way.

Brian said...

You don't have to go that far, trust me. Just cross Lake Washington.