seattle pop quiz

Apropos of nothing: match the name of the business to the type of business that it is (each answer will be used only once):

1. Dick's                                   A. sports bar
2. Auto Battery                        B. hardware store
3. Diesel                                   C. coffee shop
4. Fuel                                      D. gay bar
5. Tool Town                           E. hamburger joint

First person to submit the correct answer in the comments section (without using Google to cheat--honor system) wins a pint of Manny's on me*.

*Must be in Seattle to collect. 


Gino said...

dick's is a burger joint ( a bad one)

fuel is a coffee shop.

these i know, and i think Deisel is a gat bar.

guessing: tool town is a sports bar, auto battery is a hradware store.

Gino said...

after google... 3 of 5 aint bad for a guy who only visits...

RW said...

I don't know what it is, but it should be...

Dick's - gay bar
Auto Battery - coffee shop
Diesel - hamburger joint
Fuel - another coffee shop
Tool Town - local GOP headquarters?

Brian said...

The correct answers are E,A,D,C, and B. So, yeah, Gino got it pretty close.

And Dick's is awesome, I don't know what you were smoking. Better than that In and Out nonsense people lose their shit over.


Gino said...

dick's is just a standard McDonald's type hamburger. i cant see the big deal. and it didnt even taste good.