(in which i begin my career as a quasi-anonymous political operative)

I've mentioned that things are getting a little bit nutty down in Raleigh. Truth be told, I've barely scratched the surface of it. Expect more on that when I am in thick of it.

I've come to realize that life in Seattle has made this libertarian-leaning liberal a bit...complacent. Don't get me wrong--I'm happy to see my neighbors getting (legally) married. I'm happy to know that no one in my state is going to go to jail for simply having pot. It's really pretty great when one of the most heated topics of local debate is whether we need more bike lanes or not.

But I'm moving back to the front lines. And holing up on the island of comparative sanity that is Durham and Chapel Hill just isn't going to do.

So I've started a new project, which I intend to be unapologetically partisan in purpose, but ruthlessly data-driven in execution. Putting it bluntly, it's going to be wonky as fuck, which is why I'm not doing it here. And I'm serious about the fact that it will not be a venue for partisan debate. The only debates entertained there will be how best to go about defeating Republicans in North Carolina.

This may--if I have the juice to maintain it for as long as I hope--take a little bit away from the goings-on here. But don't worry; I don't have the attention span to only ever write about one thing...


Gino said...

this might be fun to watch. if you wanna turn NC into DNC, i think you best look at was made TX go from a reliable DNC state, to a toss-up, to a solid GOP in two generations...

when you figure that shit out, bring it to CA, so we can get the GOP effective again, and end the one-party rule that is never good for any place.
CA was well run when we had competitive parties... where the governorship could easily pass from from Brown, to Reagan, to Brown, to Deukmajian(not unlike Reagan)... we need some more of that. and we need it badly.

Brian said...

I don't want to turn NC into a one-party state. I want to turn it back into a two party state.