(Your tears are so yummy and sweet.)

What kills me, is that I didn't get to see it. You see, the NC State game was carried on the local CBS channel, and since no one and I mean NO ONE subscribes to the extra CBS Sports package around here (this is ACC country, after all) the game was effectively blacked out in Durham*.

So, if anyone has a recording of this game on their DVR, I'd really, really like to have a copy...

*If you found a place to watch this around here, I don't want to know about it. Really.


Gino said...

so the new coach worked,huh?

congratulations,yellow jacket.

chris said...

How 'bout them Dawgs?

And Chris Hall has the game on DVR and will probably be masturbating to it for weeks to come. Will see if I can tape a re-run on the local sports channel this week if you're still jonesin.

Brian said...

Yeah do that. Wipe it off before you send it, ok?