dwt to be banned in nc

I don't really have a problem with NC banning texting while driving, in principle, because let's be real: texting while driving is a supremely stupid thing to do. (I can't even text while walking.) That said, I really wonder how it will be enforceable, particularly since talking, using GPS, and using pretty much any other functionality of a cell phone behind the wheel will remain legal. I worry that this, like the seatbelt law, will simply be a pretext to pull people over.

I also wonder how a certain local mayor feels about it, since I had the pleasure of observing him a couple of weeks ago (he helpfully has a vanity license plate that is his name) wheeling around the downtown loop, Blackberry prominently at 12, hands at 11:55 and 12:05.

To be fair, he seemed rather well-practiced at it, staying in the lane and everything.

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