ted stevens walks

"I always knew that there would be a day when the cloud that surrounded me would be removed" --Ted Stevens

Um, you haven't exactly been exonerated here, sir...the prosecution screwed up the case.

That said, I have to agree with Jacob Sullum, who notes:

It seems safe to say that the actions of the prosecutors in this case are more worrisome than the crimes of which Stevens was accused, which amounted to filling out inaccurate paperwork.... the problem is that his real crimes, which involved funneling billions of dollars in taxpayer money to Alaska, were perfectly legal.

Anyway, I am happy to see the new AG taking prosecutorial misconduct seriously. I will be much happier when he applies the same standard to cases in which the defendants are not extremely well-connected former senators.


Gino said...

but still, it is disheartening to NOT see a senator behind bars.

Brian said...

true dat

rob said...

I thought we had put this embarrassment behind us here in Alaska. Go figure. It just reminds me of an attorney I knew in Tucson who had a graphic for court the read "NOT GUILTY (does not equal) INNOCENT." It's all about the letter of the law.