times' top films of the decade

I like this list because I've seen enough of it (well over half) to think that I mostly share their sensibilities, and that means I can take the rest of the list fairly seriously as suggestions for the Netflix queue.

Also, the decade is nearly over, and they've finally given it a name that I hope sticks: The Noughties.


Gino said...

i've reviewed a couple of those in my previuos incarnation.

but, i love irreversable, and it it made it to the shorter end of the list. i'm not sure how to take that. (i listed it previously in my top 10, as well).
should i take myself more seriously now, or disregard these 'experts' and their film sense as little more than blue-collar white trash?

Brian said...

There is no reason to take oneself more seriously.

Irreversible is damn near stunning as a work of art. I don't know that I can think of another film that changed the way I think about the medium (specifically, the depiction of violence therein) more than it did. The Times summed it up nicely in pointing out the sheer vileness of what they depicted and how it does so without giving it any sanction.

Gino said...

i was moved by it. and i wasnt alone.

the entire theater just sat there, stunned/moved/whatever in silence as the credits rolled.
(at least, those of us that didnt walk out during the rape)

and 80% were still sitting after the lights came on.

i've never had a film experience that strong before. and likely never will again.