happy armisitice day

I mean no disrespect to our veterans (which include nearly every male in my family except me) by saying this, but...what Jim Henley said.


Dave said...

Let me get this straight ... you think that having now completed three college degrees on Uncle Sam's dime, being eligible for a fixed-benefit pension and 100% medical for life at age 42, and getting 1/3 of my pay in the form of various tax-free allowances, I should only be honored by *two* federal holidays annually?

Seriously, Veterans Day is a byproduct of WWI just as Memorial Day is a by product of the Grand Army of the Republic's lobbying efforts after the Civil War. So we gov'ment employees get two days off instead of one. For what its worth, I never got Memorial Day off when I was in school in Georgia - here in New England, its almost as big a deal as July 4th.

Brian said...

heh...Hey, I'm all for days off!