day 1: durham to huntington, wv

So far, so good.

Lots of snow on the ground in NW NC and western VA. The dog loved romping in big piles of it at the rest stops in VA.

I-77 through VA was crowded and slow...I think we'd be well into Kentucky tonight if not for that. Plus, apparently we managed to pass through Wytheville, VA the only day that anything of note ever happened there. A couple of state troopers flew past us in the emergency lane...since we never saw a wreck, I'm guessing they were headed there.

I have friends both from and relocated to West Virginia, so I've never been one to cast aspersions on the place or its people. But tonight at a local liquor store, I watched not one but three clerks puzzle over whether the young man who had presented them with an ID saying he was born in 1992 was able to purchase alcohol. This lasted for five minutes. I'm not exaggerating. And yes, they had one of those calendars that tells you what year you have to be born in to buy.

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Taryn said...

Funny - my mom was in that same traffic jam!