base: how low can you go?

Three weeks, three Republican debates, three disgusting outbursts from the audience.

They've cheered executing the innocent and letting the uninsured die. Now they are booing a soldier in Iraq.

Every time this happens, apologists try to parse it. It was just one person. But nobody on the stage saw fit to condemn it.

If this is "real America", then seriously, fuck America.


Gino said...

i'd say its more indicative of the people who are actually paying attention to gop debates this early on.
obvious to me, if this shit matters to you at this time, whatever party you are in, then your head is already fucked up anyway.

these are folks without lives worth living... no freinds to visit, kids to play with, books to read, wives to love, movies to watch, or fishing poles to practice with... it must suck to be them.

Brian said...

Some of my best friends are Republicans. Most Republicans are fine folks.

But there's something going on here and it's fucked.

I think I'm mostly bothered by the fact that I don't have an easy accounting of it myself.

Gino said...

i told you what is going on. those people who attend these debates (at this time) are the bottom of the barrel, and usually this type of person is infused with bitterness and hatred.

it only takes a handful in a crowd to make a crowd look bad. as for the debaters speaking up... they are likely not even hearing it as much as they are concentrating on remembering their talking points before their mic gets shut off.

i been involved in similar type forums in my previous life. the candidate almost always leaves wishing he had said something he meant to say instead of what it sounded like.

what we have going on is bad politics in an imperfect democracy where sound bits and bumper stickers pass for debate points.

Gino said...

as to your point: no, it's not real america. not by a long shot.