reality check

Beyond the speechifying and debates, the pundits and the polls, it's really good to remember that the only thing that really matters in a presidential election is the number 270.

Fair or not, the election is in the hands of less than 1/5th of the states. Here in the Evergreen State, it's all academic. Pass the popcorn.

(Map by Larry Sabato, via Sully)


Gino said...

its looking like i wont have a reason to vote where i live either.

how did CA go from solid Rep to solid Dem in four yrs, without so much as a 'yellow' period? i can explain, but right now...

Brian said...

I'm probably going to register GOP (or whatever it is I have to do...I think I have to affirm that I support the party or something like that) so I can go to the caucus. I Just want to see that process firsthand. Plus I want to see who shows up for a Republican caucus in Capitol Hill.