gop debate 9: the electric bugaloo

I got to the gym around 5:30 local time last night, and plugged my headphones into the TV sound thing on the treadmill to watch the GOP debate in progress. I did my three miles in just over 25 minutes (not bad considering I'm coming off a cold), but I only lasted 20 with the debate.

Seriously, it was pretty fucking awful.

Here's my rundown:

Ron Paul--Didn't even speak while I was watching.

Jon Huntsman--Didn't show up, and was therefore the winner. I hope he had a lovely evening.

Rick Santorum--Comes off like a petulant, whiny bitch.

Newt Gingrich--Misses being on TV, is clearly running for vice-president.

Herman Cain--I can't believe that otherwise intelligent people are taking him seriously.

Michele Bachmann--Actually sounds reasonable when she's pointing out the holes in Cain's tax plan. Stopped clock, etc...

Rick Perry--You know what? Seriously, fuck Texas. Everyone who wants to live in Texas, does*.

Mitt Romney--Very good at debating, horrible at making people like him. I'm sure there's a real person in there somewhere, but I doubt we'll ever see it.

Best internet snark of the night: Radley Balko (on Facebook): "Just to mess with people, Fox should do an episode of House that starts like another GOP debate, but then all the candidates collapse, crap blood."

*Possible exception: some Mexicans.

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Gino said...

i watched more of last nite's debate than all the others combined: the whole last 1/2 hour.

odds are, one of these guys will be president.
i like herman cain the most(not for president, i just think he's a cool dude), but i think he's about as qualified for the job as the current black guy was.