a quick thought on the occupation

I generally find nonspecific ranting against capitalism irksome. (Particularly when it is done via a snazzy laptop or iPad.) On the other hand, I cannot help but note that none of Ayn Rand's mythic heroes did anything remotely resembling credit default swaps or mortgage securitizations.

Not everyone who is wealthy is a parasite. But many wealthy people aren't creating much of anything, either.


Gino said...

i'm noticing more and more that the wealthiest make their moeny transfering the wealth of others.

its really bad in our society. doctors and lawyers, among the highest paid. and the pro athletes/entertainers can even be included to an extent.

we cant keep on like this and it will crash.
(i'm innocent: i'm a wealth creator)

not sure where i place writers, musicians.
a scienctific researcher's fruit is hard to quantify and monetization coud take many years, maybe decades, or not at all.

Brian said...

I think you have to look at what scientists do in the aggregate. Even negative results (i.e., 70-90% of what most of us produce) are useful, but yes very difficult to quantify in terms of net wealth creation.