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This is the golden age of non-superhero comics.

Some stuff I've been enjoying lately:

Think Tank (Image) 

The first issue of Think Tank sold out immediately at my FNCS, so I had to acquire it by (ahem) other means. I will buy it when I can, because this is a book that deserves support.

A slacker genius works at DARPA, writing algorithms for the Predator drones. He's decided that he no longer wants to make instruments of mass death and destruction, and goes AWOL. Hilarity ensues.

This is actually a great companion piece to The Manhattan Projects, in that it also tackles our (justified) paranoia about the military-industrial complex, and places the scientist front and center as protagonist. Unlike TMP, however, which takes place in a fantastical alternate universe in which Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein have been replaced by evil doubles and FDR lives on as the world's first artificial intelligence, Think Tank feels very real and immediate. It's "science fiction", but other than technology that (probably) doesn't actually exist, it is taking place in our world, right now.

And it's funny.

Punk Rock Jesus (Vertigo)

Two issues (of a planned six) in, and Punk Rock Jesus has not yet lived up to its title, in that the titular character is still an infant and certainly not "punk", at least not yet. But he is a clone of the original Jesus Christ, derived from DNA extracted from the Shroud of Turin, born of a carefully chosen surrogate mother (virgin, naturally) and funded by a corporation for the sole purpose of creating the most successful reality show of all time: J2.

Man, I wish I had thought of that premise.

Is Chris really the second coming? Are his "miracles" legit, or just stunts for TV? Will the religious fanatics on both sides of the debate about his existence tear the country apart? And what does the IRA have to do with all of this?

It already feels like it could be a much longer series than six issues, so I'm anticipating the next four are going to be rather dense.

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