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It's probably going to continue to be slow around here for a while, since 1) I have another grant deadline looming, and finding the focus necessary is kind of herculean task for me these days, and 2) regarding the news cycle, I've pretty much passed from periodic rage through exhaustion and into boredom. (Does that count as progress?)

I'm not one of those people who likes to brag about how little TV I watch (I watch plenty of TV programing, I just don't watch it over the airwaves) but man I've never been more thankful to not have TV or radio adverts be much more than a fleeting presence in my life. How anyone puts up with the incessant messaging is beyond me.

I just finished reading this (it's excellent), I'm in the middle of this (enjoying it immensely) and I just ordered this (I should probably finish it before winter comes.)

I never thought I'd find myself linking favorably to David Brooks or Kathleen Parker, but I just did.

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