atlanta fighting johnston suit

The City of Atlanta has decided not to settle a suit brought by the family of Kathryn Johnston, the nonagenarian bravely gunned down by the narcotics squad of the APD while serving a drug warrant obtained on evidence that was fabricated by the police anyway.

My heart goes out to Ms. Johnston's family, who I am sure are ready to put this behind them. But I can't help but think that anything that keeps this in the news and puts the systemic corruption of the APD in particular and of drug policing in general on trial in open court may turn out to be a good thing.

Here's hoping the Johnstons get some serious pro bono legal muscle in their corner and tear the bastards a new one.



Gino said...

i think any pro bono offers will be coming in waves.

this case looks like a no-brainer to me.
the city could try all the legal loopholes in the world, but eventually it comes down to a jury.
i have no doubt what direction an atlanta jury will go.

and it may be more than 18 million.

i hope they get that, and more.

Brian said...

I'm not sure which court this will be tried in...City of Atlanta is a slam dunk, but Fulton County or the state could be very, very different.