dear mr. president,

I will be concise:

Don't be such a dismissive dick to a significant portion of the populace that voted for you.

Thank you,

PS--More here and here.


chris said...

You must surely admit that coming out pro-drug would create a huge political capital deficit. I'm sorry, but a majority of voters do not support drug legalization primarily on the grounds that they believe that it is a fine way to support morality through force of government. I disagree that pot smokers made up a "significant portion of the populace" that voted for Obama. Don't forget that Mickey Mouse, 7-year olds, and the "entire Dallas Cowboys roster" did as well. :-)

Brian said...

I was actually referring to the "I don't know what this says about the online community" comment, which was a snide way of implying that all the people asking about drug policy reform were just a bunch of stoners hanging out on the internet. "The online community" is a big reason I'm not writing posts bitching about President McCain right now.

(Of course, I also think it was pretty disrespectful to recreational pot smokers, especially considering that Mr. Obama is himself an excellent example of a highly successful pot smoker. But no, I don't--and never have--expected Mr. Obama to actively court that constituency.)

That said, calling for a serious reassessment of US drug policy is *not* a fringe position anymore, unless you consider The Economist, Foreign Affairs, and Sen. Jim Webb (just to name a few) to be parts of the fringe.