"fight the real enemy"

If you are my age or older, you likely remember Sinead O'Connor appearing on SNL, singing Bob Marley's "War", and then ripping up a picture of the pope. And if you are like me, you might remember how she was denounced for being a liberal, anti-religious provacateur, and for pulling a cheap publicity stunt.

But do you remember what that was actually all about? Because I didn't, until I was reminded just now:

I’ve come to talk to O’Connor today to discuss what almost no one seems to remember: She tore up that picture of the pope to protest pedophilia in the Catholic Church and the complicity of the church hierarchy.

My thoughts on this are twofold: 1) you don't have to a be a paranoiac to see that insititutions--be they coporate, governmental, or religious--have a vested interest in manipulating the public narrative. And the larger, more powerful, and longer-lived those institutions are, the better they tend to be at doing this. 2) Sometimes the weirdos on the fringe have a point.


RW said...

Why it may be a good idea not to be a knee jerk, I suppose, but there are better starts to making a point than by alienating 90% of the people you're trying to reach. So while Sinead has a beautiful voice and a formidable intellect, the way to work it politically is probably not one of her top skills.

Brian said...

Maybe. But some people need the equivalent of a smack to the head to get their attention.

I'm also not really sure how to how to make an even-tempered case against covering up and enabling child abuse. It really falls into "fuck you you evil fucking fuck" territory for me.

RW said...

My point being that she managed to turn off millions of people before they even knew what the fuckin fuck she was talking about. YOU mentioning it was about child abuse is the first time (no lie) I ever heard what it was for.

So she was right, but didn't get shit one done about it.

Brian said...

Yeah fair enough.

Gino said...

i've been thinking about this all day, and i cant for the life of me remember anything about child abuse being part of it,either.

i thought i was just being stupid, til rw just reinforced the point. so, now i know it wasnt just me.

i remember, maybe wrongly, at the time her being upset about the patriarchal preisthood, and bans against abortion and birth control.

i was pissed at her at the time. then maybe a yr later, or more, she was defended by her friend delores o'roirdan (the cranberries chick)in an interview.
still, no mention of child abuse there either, other than that sinead had been abused or something like that, wasnt getting the ministering/healing she needed/wanted, but by no means was she in opposition to her faith, which DO said was substantial.

i had a different reaction after that, but, obviously was still misinformed.

Brian said...

You'd actually have to know the song quite well to glean the fact that she was making that point specifically from just the performance. She changed the lyric "fight racial injustice" to "fight child abuse".

K-Rod said...

"a formidable intellect"


Maybe for you RW.


RW, speak for yourself.


K-Rod said...

Hey Sinead, i wrote a book condemning ALL pedophiles and buried it in the woods. But later i told people what i meant to stop. isn't that a great way to stop the abuse!!!