i wanna play too (first random 5 tracks)

Unlike RW, I won't commit to doing this every week, but I thought it would be fun to do it at least once.

Also, mostly because it's easier since the iPod I have is the small kind without any display, I'm doing this from my iTunes library on my laptop, which consists of everything I've bothered to rip from my CDs (about 40% of what I actually have, biased against all the classical and jazz because I prefer to listen to those uncompressed) and everything I bought/stole/was given in digital format in the first place (basically all the music I've acquired since about 2005 or so.) So this is a random subset of a not-quite-random subset.

Anyway...feel free to use RW's grading scale to mock me in the comments.


RW said...

1- B (Can't really miss w/ these guys)
2- E (not a metal guy)
3- C
4- C
5- A (bit of a departure for them but now yer tawkin)

Brian said...

Yeah I miss Soundgarden more than any other of the iconic bands of that particular era.

Metal is definitely one of those things that you either love or hate. I'm drawn to art that polarizes.

The Beastie Boys are insanely talented musicians who are unfortunately known for some of their least interesting stuff.

FWIW my grades would probably be B,A,C,B,A.

RW said...

It's funny, I say I'm not a metal fan and yet I was there for the start of, and still tout for, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and that crowd (old school metal I guess), and still consider Robert Plant the King of the voices of metal, but somewhere along the way the evolution of it lost me. I think Kiss is the culprit. When metal went their way it lost it's soul. Kiss is the biggest piece of bullshit ever foisted on humanity since somebody first thought it would be a good idea to have a government.

Brian said...

Kiss is so not metal.

RW said...

was paraded as such in the day. that was a problem. But still doesn't take away from the broader point. I think I went down the techno trail instead. I can't account for the tastes of others.

Brian said...

Fair enough. I guess Kiss was old news by the time I really got into metal.