my humble celebration of free speech

I really want to participate in Boobquake, but can't for (what I hope are) obvious reasons.

I also am planning to participate in Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, even though I am by all accounts a lousy artist.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps I can make up for this by doing what lots of talentless artists do, and simply substitute crass audacity for genuine inspiration, AND participate in both events AT THE SAME TIME!

And so...

Please feel free to duplicate, augment, disseminate, etc., as it suits you.


my name is Amanda said...

Two birds with one stone - I admire the efficiency! Also, I take it this is what Gino meant about a solid LMAO, as opposed to the Sinead post, which was the first one I saw.

Gino said...

and his work is every bit as good as 90% of the cartoonists out there.