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By all means, blame BP. It's their well. And it is kind of inconceivable that a $250 billion company didn't have a workable contingency plan for something like this.

By all means, blame the government, if not for sufficient oversight (I think the jury's out on that one, but with any luck, time will tell) then blame them for the fact that damages for the spill will likely be capped before the well is.

Note the date, because I actually think Sarah Palin has a point about pressure from environmentalists displacing drilling into such deep water...but only to the extent that if not for that they might not be drilling there right now...you don't seriously think that BP et al were going to let that stuff just sit at the bottom of the Gulf do you? They'd be drilling there eventually, regardless.

And before we get all uppity, let's hold hands and remember that our entire economy runs on oil. Unless you live completely off the grid (and if you are reading this, you don't) you benefit from the low cost energy that it provides. Even if you don't drive and grow your own food, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably buy things that weren't made from raw materials gathered within walking distance of home.

And if we all did, we'd be living in an agrarian society, something I for one refuse to romanticize.


Gino said...

no, let me rephrase...


RW said...

Oil companies will try to drill anywhere they can. Palin's use of environmentalists as the reason du jour is so obviously agenda-driven as to be laughable. It is the exact same thing the Obama people are doing but using the Haliburton/Cheney/Bush/oil man reason du jour for the same problem.

The responsibility lies with BP. The surrounding debate is all looksee pidjin.