The American embargo of Cuba is 50 years old today.

In the interval, the USSR collapsed. The Chinese embraced capitalism (at least as an economic system.) Libertarians extol the virtues of Estonia. Myself, I've shared drinks with Russians in what was once the place everyone thought would be the front of WWIII (and close to where my father spent most of his military career, hoping--I assume--that it wouldn't come to that), and gone on vacation in the country pretty much everyone in his generation was trying like hell to stay out of.

The Castros, on the other hand, are still standing.

I'm sure it's going to work any day now.


RW said...

And in the meantime other guys are grabbing prime beachfront property to build their mega hotels on.

But we're the Best Country on Earth so who needs flexibility in the face of an ever-changing paradigm?

Gino said...

brian: agreed.

there are only two 'changes' of the Oministration that i like:
giving the cuban ex-pats the finger (if only slightly)
and giving the duel-pat jews the other(if only slightly)