idle thoughts

What do you think Clarence Thomas did to piss his wife off so badly that she had to open that old wound? Surely she knew that little phone call was going to go public, right?

It's funny to me how easily you can predict whether or not someone believes Anita Hill's allegations based on whether they are sympathetic to Justice Thomas' judicial philosophy. That's stupid. The facts have nothing to do with strict constructivism. That a powerful judge could be a sexual harasser or a former clerk could have an ax to grind strike me as equally probable scenarios. I have no idea. And neither do you...unless you are Clarence Thomas or Anita Hill.


RW said...

True, but a little application of Occam's Razor seems in order.

But I can see Mrs. Thomas say "well, did you?"
And he says "no of course not."
But there's been enough years of pubic hair and Coke now for her to see him in all his unfettered glory.
So she's believing him. Except she has conditions. Hence the call.

Gino said...

i saw nothing but childish and rude talk in her accusations. nothing i would call sexual harassment.

but, i said at the time, i do not care what he said, i was more interested in how he ruled.

the whole thing was a nonstarter for me, a witch hunt to try anything at all to keep him off the bench.
no other justices were questioned about their lousy jokes.