what do you get when you combine christian fundamentalism with northwestern hypersensitive douchiness?

This guy, pretty much:

I would ask that you make a public apology for this statement for offending me, and the Church. I am getting sick and tired of the finger pointing at the Church when it is just a few who make it look bad for the masses. I am also considering contacting the ACLU and getting legal advice to see if this is deemed Hate Speech, because your statement affects me as I am in Bible College and looking at a Pastoral Ministry life ahead. This type of speech concerns me, and should be done away with.


RW said...

Jesus Christ, what the fuck kind of a God damn Christian is this asshole??

Gino said...

the kind who "who attends a very Biblical-based Bible Church here in Portland, Oregon".

must be a small church, from what i've seen of portland.

Brian said...

Gino: my thoughts exactly.