the hypocrisy! it burns!

"...because he didn’t care at all about attempting to verify the information that he was putting out, or determine whether or not it hurt anyone."

--Judith Miller, on why Julian Assange is a "bad journalist".

Yeah, that Judith Miller.

(H/T Thoreau)


RW said...


Brian said...

I know, right?

I honestly pay very, very little attention to cable news (it helps that I do not have cable.) But I am really starting to see why Jon Stewart talks about reserving the bulk of his contempt for the media (even more so than for politicians.)

It appears to me that they are primarily in the business of making people feel more informed than they actually are or can be bothered to become. And they do this by simply stating what some segment of the population already believes, loudly. While wearing suits.

Gino said...

thats rich, so revealing of the media in general.