"If she doesn’t serious herself up, Palin is on the direct path to irrelevancy. She won’t be the second Ronald Reagan; she’ll be the Republican incarnation of Jesse Jackson."

--John Podhoretz

Keep hope alive!



RW said...

(Who I actually voted for once in a Dem primary just to be a crank)

Run Sarah Run!

Gino said...

thats pretty accurate the more you think about it.

chris said...

Sarah Palin has as much chance of being elected as Michael Moore, Howard Dean, Bill O'Reilly, or Ron Paul. Seriously, stop obsessing over it and enjoy it for what it is. Sarah Palin is Andre the Giant to whomever it is that makes your Hulk Hogan.

Brian said...

I agree (and sincerely hope) that it is unlikely. I do not think it is impossible.

I also, in 2006, thought it was extremely unlikely that a black guy whose name rhymes with "Osama" could be elected, and said as much many times on the internets. So I have very little faith in my own powers of prognostication, much less anyone else's...