credit where credit is due dept.

Kudos to the St. Louis Police Department for dismantling their Occupy encampment without violence. If you are going to do that, this is how you get it done.

I remain ambivalent about Occupy; while broadly sympathetic to (a lot, but not all of) their grievances, I question the effectiveness of tent cities as political speech. All the more so when they occupy a place like Seattle Central Community College (a few blocks from my apartment), which is not exactly a citadel of the elite.

In any case, I have no desire to watch this resolved in a street battle below my window.



Gino said...

having been present, but not directly involved, for a few street battles with the cops... you really are missing out on some cool shit.

Brian said...

I'll take your word for it. Too much of a peacenik at heart, I guess.

Gino said...

i learned, my buddies might say earned, a grudging respect for the cops.

i still become thoroughly amused watching others do the same.

yeah, maybe i'm a sicko... but its just one of those 'facts of life', ya know...

i'm even more amused when it happens to hippies, or those who wear dreadlocks.