peak gingrich?

Have we hit it? A lot of people seem to think so.

Revisiting this post, you can look at the update of the same data set here.

To me, it looks like Gingrich has hit an inflection point, and that Romney's trough was shallower this cycle than any of the previous ones. This is no doubt partially attributable to Herman Cain dropping out completely (i.e., the votes are split among fewer candidates.) Still, if I'm Mitt Romney, I'm optimistic. (Naturally, I am neither.)

Footnote: I feel compelled to point out that this post (and more importantly, its title) went up six minutes before this one did. (My posts are timestamped in PST, his in EST. Not that you care. But sensitivity to attribution is sort of hammered into me in my profession.)


Gino said...

wouldnt it be awesome to watch the punditry if santorum won Iowa leaving everything up in the air for NH?

Brian said...

I think the more likely scenario is Ron Paul winning Iowa, and everyone in the media talking about how the guy who placed second beat the guy in third.

Gino said...

thats old news.