this week in campaign lulz

Did you hear the one about where Mitt Romney sees a couple of old guys in a NH diner, one of whom is wearing a "Vietnam Veteran" hat, and slides in to the booth with them for a chat-cum-photo-op? And it turns out the other guy is the vet's husband? Classic!

OK, it was actually a pretty low-key encounter, though I really do love seeing genuine discomfort on the faces of politicians when they have to actually talk to real people. Savage writes:

"Let's pause for a moment to appreciate that we live at time when older gay couples in small-town coffee shops aren't afraid to get in the faces of bigoted politicians and out themselves to the national media in the process. It has gotten better."

I think calling Romney bigoted is a bit unfair. Being a bigot requires that you actually believe in something.

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Gino said...

the matching handbag should have been a clue.

i challenge anybody who thinks they know what gay looks/acts like to spend time with my cousin.

about 5'7", all strut and swagger, will tell you go to hell and give you directions to boot... just before he escorts you there personally.
he'd rather go deep sea fishing and toss horseshoes at the rodeo than see a musical. (not sure he's even knows what a musical is).

on top of all that...he's everything that chicago's south side thinks it is. (it's where he's from).