If you are still getting that horrendous word verification when you try to post a comment, please let me know. If you can get past the word verification to do it, that is.

(It took me forever to realize that the only way to deactivate it seems to be to switch back to the old Blogger interface to change the setting. Changing the setting is not an option in the new interface.)


Gino said...

its gone. mr D will be very happy to have that info about the interface setting.

i've had zero bots since disabling, but one comment (of my own) just disappeared after about 1/2 day.

Mr. D said...

Looks good from here. I'm going to have trouble reconverting my blog back, because I have multiple people blogging on my site. Hope to get it fixed, though, because that captcha thing is awful.

Brian said...

You can actually toggle back and forth between old and new Blogger interfaces to change settings. Or at least, I've been able to.