it's the wars, stupid


But above all, I think [Paul's attraction for young voters is] his foreign policy. The post-9/11 generation has seen what war has achieved - virtually nothing but the death of a hundred thousand Iraqis, 5,000 Americans and tens of thousands of maimed and injured vets - and believe the wars were huge errors. They also rightly understand that the world has changed thanks to globalization of capitalism, and see the Cold War mentality of America policing the planet to be at least condescending, and at worst utterly counter-productive and unaffordable. They see their retirement savings disappearing to fuel neocon fantasies of permanent war.

Then there's the insane war on drugs. Paul is the only person, including the cowardly Obama, to take this issue on. The young know it's failed, and that it's racist, punitive and irrational. That's why Paul does so well with the young. It's not the Fed. It's the war on Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on drugs.
'Tis true, 'tis true. And that sentiment needs a standard-bearer with less baggage. Ideally one not pushing 80.

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Gino said...

and a more than equal equal part the entitlement society. forward thinking 20 somethings know they are on the losing end of the ponzi.
i think this has more traction with them than anything.

'war sucks' is an easy bumber sticker.
'hey, yer takin all my shit before i get it' takes more explaining.