leading from behind

My first thought was, "we really could have used you on this earlier, Mr. President. Like, yesterday, for example."

But of course, Mr. Obama's game is politics. That isn't to say that his professed opinion (today) on marriage equality isn't genuine--I suspect he was merely updating us as to how he has felt about this for a long time--but surely it is no accident that his VP floated a trial balloon on the subject this past weekend. Nor is it an accident that his "evolution" has reached this point early exactly a year about 18 months after the intersection on this chart:

Really, he has nothing to lose coming out in favor of marriage equality. It is difficult to imagine anyone who would consider opposition to equality a litmus issue was up for grabs in the presidential election. This isn't exactly courageous, is what I'm saying.

File it under "doing the right thing, eventually."

But it is still the right thing.

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