Alex Pareene:

If the “electable” face of libertarianism is a fratty anti-gay, anti-choice nitwit like Rand Paul, I will stick with socialism, thank you. And I wonder if the Paul family’s plan is to promote “liberty” or to promote the Paul family.


I am a gullible fucking idiot for wasting a Saturday (even a shitty rainy one like it was) on this guy. If (when) I get a call from Rand Paul's people, they are going to get an epic barrage of profanity before I tell them to take me off their list and never, ever call me again. 


Gino said...

but you knew you would end up on the Rand list already.

seems Paul has decided to go the 'if you cant beat it, join it' route of our political system, and get some for his family?

i believe that Paul really believes his preaching, and yet its hard to blame a dad for passing on his business to his son. its the way things work.

but those who dislike the Rand view of liberty totally lose me when they point to protecting individuals in the womb as an example of some bad flaw in libertarian reasoning.
it is not.
and i think i can honestly argue this point with any body.

Brian said...

I'm pro-choice. I don't consider it a litmus test for whether somebody is a "libertarian". But I probably won't vote for a pro-life politician without a damn good reason, either.

The anti-gay stuff bothers me a great deal more.

And since when were libertarian standard-bearers fucking Sith lords? There can be more than one master and apprentice at a time...

Johnson is running now. RP2 is running for nothing right now.

Brian said...

Mostly, I'm just pissed off at myself, here.

Gino said...

Ron Paul is pro-life. you caucused for him.

The anti-gay stuff bothers me a great deal more.
not to mention it is often a bit childish.

Brian said...

you caucused for him.

And seeing the anguish on all the Romney supporters' faces when they realized they had lost the district was a damn good reason.

Brian said...

I'm a nice guy personally, but I'm a spiteful SOB when it comes to politics.