paul spokesman: "no chance" of endorsing gary johnson

Disappointing. But not terribly surprising.


Mr. D said...

Of course not. He's got to protect Rand's future. That's always been the deal.

Gino said...

though mrd is likely correct in his comment, it should be noted that a candidate/office holder of a party should never (according to the rules of party affiliation) endorse from another party should they (or 'their' guy)lose a nomination fight.

Brian said...

Mr. D--I've been resistant to that idea for a long time. That is getting more difficult.

Gino--ok, how about resign the GOP and endorse? He's retiring anyway...

Mr. D said...

Gino--ok, how about resign the GOP and endorse? He's retiring anyway...

I know you asked Gino, but trust me on this, Brian -- that move would turn Paul into Arlen Specter. Doesn't help Johnson in the end, either.

Paul has always understood that you have to take over a major party in order to win. He's made more headway this year than he has in the last 20. He doesn't have enough delegates to be the Republican nominee, but he has more than enough to move the party closer to a libertarian future, one that Rand Paul is already well-positioned to be a part of.

Ron Paul was the LP standard-bearer 24 years ago (and I voted for him in 1988, by the way) and he didn't move the needle, which is why he went back to the GOP. He's not about to throw away 20+ years of work to help out a guy who is actually more of a rival than a friend.

Gino said...

Brian: that, like Mr d said, would be acting like a spoiled child who didnt get his way, like specter.

he hitched himself to party process when he decided to run (for any office.)
proper etiquette would require him to wait til the next cycle.

in situations such as he finds himself, the only remotely acceptable recourse by party standards is to not endorse the nominee publically... yet this is still seen as bad form that some can get away with depending upon circumstances.

yet, it leaves the understanding that he will support the chosen nominee in the voting booth.

i went thru this same scenario with candidates in the early 90s.
instead of an 'i endorse' the rebel losers offers up a quiet 'well, of course, duh... Romney would be better than Obama' or something like that.
better still would be statement declaring that he will continue to work for change from within the party.