private booze in wa state today

I did not roll out of bed, cross the street to the local Safeway, and buy a handle of whiskey first thing this morning. It is very unlikely that I will ever do such a thing. But I do really like knowing that I could. More to the point, I look forward to not having to endure the harsh fluorescent lighting, joyless decor reminiscent of the DMV, and surly entitled state employees on the relatively rare occasion that I do purchase something stiffer than wine.

That, and you know...competition and stuff.

Dominic Holden pens a nice eulogy for our dismal, defunct state liquor stores.


Gino said...

it means you'll get the better stuff cheaper at trader joe's or Costco. congratulations!
and welcome to my world.

Brian said...

I am definitely happy to have tj's as an option.