sometimes good politics is good policy

I think this is brilliant, for the record.

There's no obvious reason why this should be an issue that breaks down along partisan lines. (This being an election year, and the GOP being defined by nothing so much as reflexive opposition to anything and everything Obama does, it of course will.) Force the Republicans to argue in favor of deporting children. Cut off the "alternative DREAM" proposals being advanced by some slightly saner Republicans at the knees. Expose the fractures within the GOP on immigration in an election year.

The fact that it happens to be the right thing to do is almost gravy.


Gino said...

i've got TONS to say on this issue.

i'm thinking the last few weeks of 11hr days, plus 11hr saturdays, and still moving shit from the old house when i can... has left me bloggingly speechless.

Bike Bubba said...

Politically it could be a mark of genius, or of desperation. You can win if the opposition plays it badly, or you can lose--and BADLY--if (as is happening) the opposition says "since when does the President have unilateral authority to change the law like this?"

It's not as if nobody can remember some events from the 20th century that would illustrate pretty clearly the dangers to humanity when a leader assumes unilateral power, after all. Put gently, I don't know that even staunch supporters of Mr. Obama ought to be at ease with this--again, at least if they remember history.

Gino said...

staunch supporters of obama will be at ease with this as staunch supporters of Bush were during his Patriot Act tour.

Brian said...

I am pretty familiar with 20th century history, which is why I don't do hysterical things like compare a center-left democrat to the murderous autocrats of that century.

Bike Bubba said...

Don't have to be hysterical to realize that many of the tools Schicklgruber used were implemented under von Hindenburg, Brian.