ray bradbury, rip

   A night bird called among the ruins as they walked. Dad said, "Your mother and I will try to teach you. Perhaps we'll fail. I hope not. We've had a good lot to see and learn from. We planned this trip years ago, before you were born. Even if there hadn't been a war we would have come to Mars, I think, to live and form our own standard of living. It would have been another century before Mars would have been really poisoned by the Earth civilization. Now, of course--"
   They reached the canal. It was long and straight and cool and wet and reflective in the night.
   "I've always wanted to see a Martian," said Michael. "Where are they, Dad? You promised."
   "There they are," said Dad, and he shifted Michael on his shoulder and pointed straight down.
   The Martians were there. Timothy began to shiver. The Martians were there--in the canal--reflected in the water. Timothy and Michael and Robert and Mom and Dad.
   The Martians stared back up at them for a long, long silent time from the rippling water...
That ending always stuck with me. Thanks for all the great stories, sir. 

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