congratulations to eli sanders

One of the things I've really enjoyed about my time in Seattle so far--and particularly my time in Capitol Hill--has been being able to pick up a copy of The Stranger every Wednesday (though I often don't get around to it until after work on Friday) and know that I am reading the work of people I see around the neighborhood with some frequency (their 11th Ave office is on my daily walk.)

Though the publication--like most alt weeklies--is largely known for irreverent pop culture criticism, dubious restaurant reviews, politics slightly to the left of Che Guavara, and exhaustive ads for transsexual escorts and  "medical" marijuana, they occasionally manage to slip in acts of real journalism. And yesterday, they got some well-deserved recognition for the latter in the form of a Pulitzer Prize for Eli Sanders.

Sanders won for his piece The Bravest Woman in Seattle, which I will freely admit left me in tears when I read it. It is damn hard to read, but you should do it anyway, as well as the follow-up by the subject of Sanders' piece, Jennifer Hopper.

But seriously: set aside some time, and a bit of privacy.


Gino said...

one of my fav reads the The OC Weekly. its our local Alt, and its free.
some damned good stuff in there, and yes, of course it slants heavily left.

Gino said...

will finish that story when i'm not rushed.

its things like that where i wish for a quick and medieval style capital punishment.

Brian said...

This case definitely tested the limits of my conviction re capitol punishment.