a quick thought on the veepstakes

If you really like Paul Ryan for his views and influence on economic policy, why on earth would you want him to be Vice-President, where his ability to accomplish anything in that arena would be virtually nil? If he's really that important, the last thing you want him doing is attending state funerals and breaking ties in the Senate.

If he's your man on the budget, he's already got the best job you could hope for him to have. What you really want are more congressmen that will work with him.

(Personally, I like about 60% of what he proposes. I'd like to see Medicare replaced and SS privatized, and I think the idea of opting out of deductions into a flat income tax is a good start on simplifying the code. I'm less bothered about high marginal rates or capital gains. I used to think a consumption tax was a good idea, but man it makes revenues volatile if you count on it too much. But I do give the man credit for being one of the few in either party that seems to take the budget seriously.)

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Mr. D said...

Agree 100%. Making Ryan the VP sidelines him. About the only value he would bring to the ticket is his ability to box Joe Biden around the neck and ears in a debate, but you could find plenty of politicians capable of doing that.